SYE40C03DYC - Common Mode Filter for EMI Solution


  • Common mode chock structure for EMI filter with ESD embedded
  • 4GHz bandwidth for extremely high data rate applications
  • -35dB Max. attenuation at 1.5GHz for radiated common mode noise
  • Pretty low leakage current (<1μA) at working voltage of 5.0V
  • 0.8pF ultra low parasitic capacitance for each line to GND
  • Good capacitance uniformity in the range of 0V to 5.0V
  • Ultra lower clamping voltage to protect ICs well


The SYE40C03DYC is a highly integrated Common Mode Filter (CMF) providing both ESD protection and EMI common mode noise filtering for systems using high speed differential serial interfaces, such as MIPI D-PHY.

The SYE40C03DYC can protect and filter three differential line pairs in a small RoHS-compliant WDFN16 package, with cost and space savings over discrete solutions.


  • MIPI Interface
  • High speed signal

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