SY7T609+S1 - Smart-Plug, Smart-Lighting Energy Measurement Processor


  • High resolution delta-sigma ADC with two analog (sensor) inputs
  • Precision internal voltage and timing references minimize external components
  • 24-bit energy measurement processor with nonvolatile storage of calibration and configuration data
  • Flexible SPI or UART interface options with user configurable DIO
  • Small 14-pin TSSOP package

Typical Application

The SY7T609+S1 firmware implements features ideally suited for applications such as smart-plugs, smart appliances, lighting and home/building automation. It provides relevant signal processing and measurement outputs along with auxiliary functions such as configurable alarm detection, calibration commands, zero-crossing detection, and user DIO control.

Typical smart plug application


The SY7T609+S1 is an energy measurement processor (EMP) designed for monitoring any 2-wire circuit. With an integrated oscillator and small profile, it is ideally suited for BOM optimized applications such as smart-plugs, smart appliances, lighting and building automation. SPI and UART interface options are supported. An optimized protocol for low baud rate UART communications further reduces the BOM cost when data isolation is required.

The analog front end (AFE) provides differential analog inputs for interfacing to current sensors and voltage sensors. Scaled voltages from the sensors are fed to a high-resolution delta-sigma converter. A low power 24-bit energy measurement processor (EMP) with embedded firmware performs all the necessary computation, compensation, and data formatting for interfacing to any host controller. With available nonvolatile memory for storing calibration coefficients and configuration data, the SY7T609+S1 provides an autonomous solution that greatly simplifies system integration.


  • smart-plugs

  • smart appliances

  • lighting and home/building automation.

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