SSL5031CTS - Compact high power factor/low-THD buck LED driver IC


  • Driving LED strings from a rectified mains supply, high power factor/low-THD
  • Small electronic Bill of Materials (BOM) enabling a compact solution and a small, single layer Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) footprint
  • Excellent line and load regulation and LED output current accuracy (< ±3 %)
  • Efficient BCM operation with:
    • No reverse recovery losses in freewheel diode
    • Zero Current Switching (ZCS) and valley switching
    • Minimal inductance value and size required
    • High efficiency (up to 93 %)
    • Ultra low IC current during operation (< 150 μA)
  • Many auto-recovery protections:
    • UnderVoltage LockOut (UVLO)
    • Cycle-by-cycle OverCurrent Protection (OCP)
    • Internal OverTemperature Protection (OTP)
    • Output Overvoltage Protection (OVP)
  • Output Short Protection (OSP)

Typical Application


The SSL5031CTS is part of a new range of LED driver ICs for non–isolated, non-dimmable LED solutions. Complementing NXP’s broad GreenChip SSL family of products, the new IC supports LED lighting applications ranging from 5W lamp power like Candela shape up to 25 W lamp power like integrated Fixtures/Luminaires, TLED and PAR lamp shapes.


  • Low cost non-dimmable, non-isolated retrofit LED lamps up to 25 W
  • Low cost non-dimmable, non-isolated driver modules for LED lighting up to 25 W

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